BREITLING launched Bentley Supersports Chronograph for Bentley

The use of W12 engine, horsepower up to 621.A top speed of 204 mph (329 km / h).In 3.9 seconds 0-60 miles per hour (0-10 meters).The redesigned body strengthen the car a sense of movement.Simple and rich contemporary carriage is provided with a carbon fiber instrument panel and a two vehicle seat.The Bentley Continental Supersports is a Bentley history since the introduction of the fastest, lightest, most powerful cars horsepower.It is the perfect combination of fashion and performance.

Replica BREITLING for Bentley series is now dubbed the Bentley Supersports as the senior sports car.This series of sports chronograph is a leading technology and excellent performance of the perfect combination, fully reveal luxurious and sporty design.

Stainless steel to create Bentley Supersports Chronograph, global limited sale of 1000 medals, with meticulous knurling embossed dial, the perfect embodiment of the unique design Bentley control button.In sports and strong watch design is equipped with access to the Swiss official chronometer certified BREITLING watches precision movement: Dial Central has a 60 minute timer self-winding chronograph movement.This is the original system, through the red arrow pointer, extremely clear readout the measuring time, like read watch on time