Breitling Flagship Limited Edition Chronomat 01 Series

Breitling company and the aviation industry are closely related, both in the civil aviation and military fighter can feel the experience of its services to the aviation industry. Moreover, Breitling also held their own aircraft performance date, founded the Breitling aerobatic squadron to become pilots League sponsor.

Breitling Flagship Limited Edition Chronomat 01 Series

Breitling introduced its flagship Chronomat 01 series, limited edition, fine crafted, unique process to create 100% crystal clear case to do now perfect visual beauty, people were charmed, details can even show elegant excellence quality. Replica Breitling Chronomat 01 series as Breitling first beyond the Caliber 01 is a masterpiece, it has a fully Breitling studio independent development and production of precision movement. Cikuan Breitling’s flagship product, highlighting the unique qualities of the case, bezel engraved with the original number sign, the perfect blend of power and elegance, the colors style has been listed, this table became the the mechanical timekeeping new base Huai – – called the ultimate Edition chronograph.

For lovers of rare and exclusive watches the iconic Breitling watch stainless steel version limited to 2000, rose gold limited edition of 200, each costing table in its case on the 9 o’clock position is given its unique watch number. The case, bezel and bracelet powerful and unique design highlights the subtle contrast satin top and sides of the scrub polishing drawing. The black dial is decorated sometimes marked, relative to traditional Chronomat 01 models of solid steel or gold table end, Chronomat 01 limited edition with a transparent sapphire crystal caseback, built-in movement can glance. Performance column-wheel, a pure original architectural design, an industrial process revolution.

Women Cockpit Lady Breitling watches for Oriental women wearing watches designed to be lightweight and have excellent watch features revealed both rigid-flexible women. Breitling men’s watches have the functionality and usability of these styles of watches can be widely used in aviation, marine, navigation and diving industry and for Orient Men love outdoor activities


Breitling CHRONOMAT 41 LIMITED watch

Excellence, precision, elegant. Replica Breitling Chronomat 41 watch, condensed Breitling extract timing wrist watch classic, with Thatcher extraordinary Breitling homemade movement in the wrist, shine.The flagship carpal performance issue 2000 limited edition watches, classic and unique design will capture table fans in favor of hitherto unknown.

Black dial with red central timing seconds and red timer pointer, especially highlighting watch sports atmosphere, like a be worthy of the name of the instrument panel, a simple but powerful.Smooth stainless steel case, chain and engraved unique digital rotating bezel, through a comprehensive fine polishing and grinding, set off to watch novel atmospheric line.The limited edition watches originality alone shipped transparent sapphire substrate, allowing people to watch the Breitling 01 movement precision operation.

The global best self-winding chronograph movement, completely in the Breitling chronometer center to develop, and all products movement, Breitling through strict Swiss official chronometer certification (COSC).Breitling CHRONOMAT 41 LIMITED watch will be the unique personality of the “body” and the “engine” extraordinary performance combination, with outstanding design, the unique essence, have more “professional wrist instrument” all performance, waterproof performance of up to 200 meters

Breitling Chronomat GMT

Replica BREITLING Chronomat GMT, is bearing the brand with infinite care for family travel with watch.Reach a new place a moment to local time, at the same time accurate to minutes still know the time in the home, this is undoubtedly a traveler’s dream.Nowadays this dream with Breitling Chronomat GMT clock arrival realized.It assembled the Breitling new Caliber 04 movement, composed entirely of brand design and production.

ImageIn order to ensure perfect practicability of watches, Breitling watchmakers and engineers to develop out of the past completely different system — have been patented — let the local time zone conversion, the hour pointer and gear isolation.This operation will avoid the watch accuracy and timing operation effect.The new Chronomat GMT has two center of the hour pointer.A combined with minute, walk in the 12 hour ring, and the top is the red triangle second run in 24 hour mode.When the home is located in the country, two hours will be completely synchronized pointer watchesun.