Swiss watchmaking, British style – Breitling Bentley series

Breitling Bentley watches, the overall design or adhering to the brand’s usual style, but in detail seems to be adding some elegant British gentleman style. More Breitling Bentley replica watches.

Breitling Bentley watch dial with the timer on the inner circle with more red, this design inspiration is also taken from Bentley car dashboard. And today we will introduce the Breitling Bentley B06 watch “06”, the source is the watch movement. In 2013, to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the two brands, Breitling introduced the first watch equipped with 100% mechanical chronograph movement independently developed by Breitling. One of the three chronograph movement, which is 04,05, and 06, 06 movement which is equipped with 30 seconds timer function.

Breitling Bentley B06 chronograph wrist not only created Breitling B06 movement and the original “30 seconds timing” system, this limited edition watch features a Breitling Bentley watch another global exclusive technology: “Variable Speedometer” (or a simple version of the flight slide) based on Breitling ring sliders. This function can be used in conjunction with a timer to easily measure the average speed without any restrictions on time, distance or speed.

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