Breitling Bentley GT “sapphire” limited edition chronograph watch

Breitling Bentley GT “sapphire” limited edition chronograph watch with Breitling’s unique innovative materials, super scratch resistance, tensile deformation and corrosion resistance, and diamagnetism, thermal stability and anti-allergy. Watches unique black stripes design, with a little blue glimmer, and Bentley’s “deep sapphire” body echoes. The dark blue sapphire dial has a diamond pattern with depth and depth, and this is Bentley Continental GT interior decoration can be seen everywhere. More Breitling Bentley replica watches.

In addition to the overall design of rich personality and characteristics, the movement of this watch is also more attractive. This watch is equipped with Breitling-made B06 movement, has received the Swiss official observatory certification, which is COSC certification. This Breitling movement features its distinctive 30-second cumulative timing system, which was inspired by a patent that Breitling acquired in 1926.

Equipped with this movement, the Breitling Bentley GT “sapphire” limited edition chronograph watch the central hand in half a minute around the dial a week, the timing accuracy can reach 1/8 seconds. The design of this feature is also the same color, blue 30-second cumulative timer and chronograph, clever set off the color on the case.

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