Legend Timepiece – Rolex Oyster

In 1908, Hans Wilsdorf Rolex officially registered trademark. With simple but effective solution for precise repetitive puzzles and water issues, Rolex achieved rapid development in another fashion watch small areas. Since 1910, Rolex began to make watches passed the test to obtain a certificate, partially solve the problem precisely. However, when the count of reliability in harsh conditions still a question mark. World War (1914-1918) effectively promote the popularity of wearing the watch, but also highlighted the existing defects in the product waterproof and dustproof – replica Rolex watches.
Legend Timepiece - Rolex Oyster
Many watchmakers in order to overcome the technical problems and efforts ultimately Hans Wilsdorf gives the most convincing solution in 1926: the first one Oyster watch. In 1927, Mercedes Judith Ji Lisi wearing Oyster watch (the first time with screw locking crown) Historical across the English Channel, a Rolex watch win great reputation in the field of sports.

Then, with the Rolex wearer can develop self-winding movement revolutionary movement, to further consolidate its leading position. In 1931, patented automatic winding mechanism (pendulum through 360 ° rotation) was born. The advent of these two key technologies will push the Rolex watch brand pyramid peak.

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