Breitling Chronomat GMT

Replica BREITLING Chronomat GMT, is bearing the brand with infinite care for family travel with watch.Reach a new place a moment to local time, at the same time accurate to minutes still know the time in the home, this is undoubtedly a traveler’s dream.Nowadays this dream with Breitling Chronomat GMT clock arrival realized.It assembled the Breitling new Caliber 04 movement, composed entirely of brand design and production.

ImageIn order to ensure perfect practicability of watches, Breitling watchmakers and engineers to develop out of the past completely different system — have been patented — let the local time zone conversion, the hour pointer and gear isolation.This operation will avoid the watch accuracy and timing operation effect.The new Chronomat GMT has two center of the hour pointer.A combined with minute, walk in the 12 hour ring, and the top is the red triangle second run in 24 hour mode.When the home is located in the country, two hours will be completely synchronized pointer watchesun.


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